Raising funds with the power of your computer, tablet or phone

So, what is Gift Mining?

Gift Mining is a brand new form of charity fund raising which utilizes the power of millions of computers like yours to mine for cryptocurrencies (for a more detailed description, please click here).

To raise funds for your favorite charity or cause, all you have to do is find their Gift Mining page by clicking on the 'Search Your Charity' tab above then search for your chosen charity. Once you land on your chosen Gift Mining charity page, just click the start button in the mining box and that’s it, you’re mining cryptocurrency for your charity!

You can leave it going for as long or as little as you want and you can also pause or stop it at any time. Just remember that whenever your computer is sitting idle, you could be raising funds with just a click of a button.

We are proud to say that 100% of all the mining proceeds received by Gift Mining is donated to your chosen charity.

We are the worlds first charity mining operation bringing fundraising to your home.
Everyone Can Join In
Use your home computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to support the charity of your choice.
Supporting Charities Around The World
We aim to continuously grow our list supporting all types of charities from around the globe.
100% Of Funds Donated
The charity collects 100% of what is raised. Everything raised is passed on to the charity.

Charities We Are Working With